Siddhartha Roy
Windows Server System Center, C+E, Microsoft
Group Program Manager,
Siddhartha Roy has been in storage, server, and management product development for over 20 years. Sid manages the Windows File Server, Storage, and Clustering teams at Microsoft. His team plans and delivers file, availability and storage foundational services in Windows Server - including file/block access (SMB3, NFS v4.1, iSCSI), distributed and cluster file systems, namespaces, replication, clustering, HADR, scale out file services, and distributed private cloud storage. Sid played a key role in driving the Windows Server 2012/R2 software defined storage strategy and activities across Microsoft teams. He has experience in both engineering management and startup co-founder roles. He has a Bachelor's degree (CS&E) from Jadavpur University and Master's degree (CS) from the University of Connecticut.