Rajeev Nagar
Microsoft Co.
Group Program Manager
Rajeev Nagar oversees the Datacenter Networking & Platform team in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft - responsible for infrastructural networking & connectivity technologies for Microsoft operating system platforms, devices, and cloud services. Past responsibilities at Microsoft have included strategic, business, & technological leadership for data-storage, and clustering/high-availability solutions. Prior stints include CEO/CTO of Kuokoa Networks, Inc., delivering enterprise-focused storage-networking solutions, as well as CEO of NTCS, Inc., delivering file-systems, storage, and security solutions. Rajeev has also held technical leadership positions with Hewlett-Packard Inc., and IBM (Transarc Co.) Rajeev is credited with multiple patents and publications, including a seminal book on file-system development. Rajeev holds a B.E. in Computer Engineering, M.S. in Computer Sc. (UCF), and a M.B.A. (UC, Berkeley).